Delivery of Equipment and Installations
Our business scope includes delivering and commissioning complete machines, as well as entire industrial installations. Each machine is dedicated to a specific situation and development conditions, as well as to the technical parameters the machine must achieve. The machines include: 
discharging machine for unloading round tanks: BinEX, PlanEX, discharging screws
trolleys for unloading bunkers
semi-portal excavator for unloading bulk materials from dumps
vehicle unloading stations, moving floors, docking stations 
machines for bulk material handling: scraper conveyors, belt conveyors, screw conveyors
silos and steel structures
pneumatic and electrical slide gates, cell feeders
control cabinets, cable distribution cabinets, local control cabinets

WTW Engineering Maszyny i Urządzenia Przemysłowe Sp. z o.o.

ul.Krakowska 19-23
50-424 Wrocław


Telefon: +48/71/782-50-20
Telefax: +48/71/782-50-21

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Production Department



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